Terms and Conditions


Terms & conditions

Driving licence and eyesight

You must hold either a current provisional or full uk licence.

You must be able to read a standard car number plate from the distance of 20.5m or 67ft

Any changes to the learners licence must be declared to the instructor immediately

If for any reason the instructor suspects the pupil is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including use the night before (learner smelling of alcohol or drugs) will result in the lesson being cancelled and the full fee being charged


Payment must be made at least 24 hours in advance of lesson start time.

Lessons must be paid by bank transfer or by cash on previous lesson

Refunds from block bookings

Refunds shall be calculated using the pay as you go rate

for example if one lesson had been taken that lesson will be subtracted from the block booking fee

eg block of 10 hours £280 one lesson taken £30, refund



Refunds will be processed within 3-5 working days by bank transfer

Block bookings must be completed within 16 weeks.


A minimum of 24 hours notice shall be given by the learner   to change the scheduled lesson, including date, time and lesson duration. If this cannot happen the instructor reserves the right to charge for that session.

The instructor will do everything possible to conduct lessons/tests on the time and date stated, but cannot be held liable for any losses resulting from cancellation of lessons/tests due to serious weather or mechanical break down.


The training vehicle shall always be clean, taxed and insured for the purpose of teaching.

The instructor is CRB checked and a member of the Driving Instructors Association.

Driving Tests

Mk1driving reserves the right to withhold the use of a training vehicle for test in the event that the pupil presents a threat to their own or public safety. The absolute minimum of 3 working days will be given by the instructor to the learner.

No liability will be accepted for losses caused by the test not being moved of refunded.

Please note payments made without the instructors consent does not entitle the client to sit the practical test in the driving school car.

In the event of a complaint/concern

Please notify the instructor as soon as possible. This provides the instructor with valuable feedback and the ability to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

The instructor will make every effort to be as punctual as possible, every effort will be made to contact the client in the event of a delay.

The instructor will treat the pupil with respect, the same is required in return, verbal or physical abuse will result in the lesson being terminated at that point with the session being chargable.

In the unlikely event that the tuition vehicle is unservicable on test day, the instructor shall pay for another test but will not accept liability for additional lessons or further losses incurred.

Learning to drive well requires a large amount of commitment from both the instructor and the learner  - please make every effort to arrive promptly to lessons to maximise your learning experience.

Please note that arriving overtired or without eating can have a negative impact on the lesson.