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Driving school




A/ You can apply up to two months before your 17th birthday ,although you must not drive before your 17th birthday and must have the licence in your possession.




A/ This depends entirely on the learner.

The DSA currently advises that learners do better in the driving exam after taking an average 45 hours paid tuition along with 22 hours private practice.

How do i apply for my provisional driving licence?

Click on the DSA link on the top of the page and follow the instructions.

Q/ When can i apply to get my provisional driving licence?

Q/ How many lessons will i need?

Q How do i know when i'm ready to book my practical test?

Q/ How can i help to reduce insurance costs?

A/ See pass plus on menu.

A/ After gaining a full licence a pass plus course can be taken .This course tackles advanced town driving ,dual carriageways and motorway driving and is an extremely good way of gaining vital extra experience.

A/ You are ready to book your test when you can drive safely and independently without the help of your instructor ,always discuss with your instructor before booking a test!

Q/ I don't know how to drive on the motorway?



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