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Driving school


Hall of fame



Paul 29th nov pass

Micheal 29th nov 2 faults 2nd test

Adrian 13th dec 0 faults

Paul 27th dec 0 fault


Olly 4th Feb 0 faults.

Kyle 12 Feb 4 faults

Shyla April 19th 2 faults


Paula May 1st

Luke May 14th 3 faults

Simon june 5th 0 faults

Uri July 9th

Bradley 22nd july 0 faults

Lee August 30th 4 faults

Hatheem sep 11th 0 faults

Abdullah 10th october 6 faults

Kerry 14th oct

Ginny nov 25th 3 faults

Jev Nov 25th 0 faults

mike Dec 20th


Lee Jan 13th 6 faults

Josh jan 23rd 3 faults

Jordan  feb 5

Lina feb 11th 4 faults

Cade feb 20th

Mark feb 28th

Martin march 5th

Ashley April 4th

Heylana April 10th

Sannah April 15th 12 faults

Marco April 22 taxi test 1 fault

Emma April  30th 2 faults

Micheal may 21st

Gemma May 27th

Kieran june 12th

June 17th Sachin 2 driving faults

Ronnie June 19th

John june 20th

Christian July 23rd

Kieran Aug  9th

David Aug 27th 1 driving fault

Tori sept 11th  3 driving faults

Joe Nov 6th

Mark Nov 11th

Aaron Dec 1st


Jade Jan 8th

Labeleg Jan 15th

Katrina Feb 12th

Blake March 19th 3 driving faults

Alex March 25th6 driving faults

Thomas March 26th 5 driving faults


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